Walsh Estimating Service


For 30 years, we have been doing quantity takeoffs for companies nationwide. We have a proven track record, and an unparalleled reputation, providing takeoff and cost estimating services for contractors, engineers, architects, and land developers. We’ve completed over 10,000 projects with more than 800 customers. Let us do the same for you!


No one likes to receive information in a format they can’t use. We recognize that while our reports are ideal for the majority of our clients, your needs or methods of preparing bids might be different. Our reports can be tailored to fit your needs, whether they are for your accounting software, a presentation to your client, or to fit bid forms.

Cost Effective

Working with clients, preparing bids, and running jobs is the backbone of your success. Performing quantity takeoffs diverts you and your team from these essential tasks. The overhead needed for staff to engage solely in takeoffs can be profit consuming. This is why we’re here. We work for you as needed, and don’t drain your resources when we’re not.

Let us help you bid with confidence and accuracy, so you can spend less time doing takeoffs, and more time growing your business.